~ Welcome to the Realm ~
~ Welcome to the Realm ~
You-Nique Enter-Natural
You-Nique Enter-Natural

You-Nique' Consults

Consultations provided to develop framework for your wellness initiative.  Conducted in person or via face-time by Saat-Rai Amnwt



You-Nique' Nutrition 

Nutrition requirements and recommendations are provided to assist you in developing clean and balanced eating habits.



You-Nique' Merchandise

This is where you will "Enter the Realm" of  You-Nique' products and merchandice to assist you on your journey to health and wellbeing.


~ Welcome to the Realm ~

The You-Nique' Concept and objective has always been to "Bring Forth the Natural in You. To this end, Saat-Rai Amnwt (You-Nique' Founder) has traveled and researched to explore the natural world that we live in, and introduce you to the gateway of these realms that we all so desperately seek and need in our everyday lives. 


 In an effort to assist you in experiencing the You-Nique' Concept we have developed a Nutrtion and Wellness protocol that doesn't just focuses on the physical aspect of excercising and food consuption, but we share what are know to be some of the best products on the market, and also invite you to experience a spiritual re-introduction through our senses (the seen and unseen) in order to develop a Self awareness and true relationship with our total environment. Exciting, yes?   

Please join us as we enter the Realm of You-nique' Enter-Natural.  



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